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Burning on a DVD
Eh2x [Avatar]
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Hi all,

I'm excited about PowerDirector and am really loving it. It has been a few years since I burned a DVD so am out of practice, plus I never burned a Blu-Ray before. I tried one DVD but it was too small and I don't know what speed it was made for, but I didn't get my entire 1h 40 minute movie on there. Plus, the video started to get distorted halfway through. So, I need to know what is the ideal speed I should be looking for when purchasing blank Blu-Rays and DVDs. Thanks.
Neil.F.1955 [Avatar]
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Hello, Ehayesjr!
I don't actually have a Blu-Ray drive on my computer but I do burn DVDs, mainly of material I have shot and edited myself.
The discs are generally rated up to 6X burning speed for a dual-layer(DVD-9) and up to 16x burn speed for a single layer(DVD-5) disc. You can adjust the burning speed(in some cases, but not all*) when you come to burn(write) your movie to disc.

*I quickly checked my own PD7 and found it fixed at maximum speed, but the version you are using(which you've not mentioned, by the way) may or may not allow you the option of setting the burn speed. Generally It's best to just go with the default burning speed(usually maximum). As for distortion half-way through, this might bean issue with your computer. Video editing and burning demands quite a lot from a computer and it's best that a computer has enough RAM memory(at least 2 Gb) and oodles of hard-drive space(preferably about 500Gb should do it!) Best to have a chat with the retailer from whom you bought your computer. He's best-placed to advise you on this matter.
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