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DZ Forums Going Into The Abyss
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Dafydd: Greetings. You may have noticed that the spammers seem to be taking over the DZ forums. Moreover, locking down threads and referring users to the main CL forums is not exactly "friendly." I know that I would be a bit chagrined to be informed that I had posted in the wrong place and then be "locked down."

These forums used to be very active and helpful to users. Tony, Cranston, and all of the other pros (I don't count myself as one of those) gave a lot of help to users, and referred them, when necessary, to the main CL forum if a dxdiag or whatever attachment was required for analysis.

I am really sorry to see the DZ forums becoming less and less useful and friendly for PD and DZ users and I am really annoyed that it seems that nothing is being done to rid the forums of the spammers.

Just my two cents. Have a great day.

-Phil Windows 10 Pro x64
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Can't agree with you more Phil. If as much time was spent in deleting the spammers and less time in locking down legitimate questions, we could get back to the original purpose of the DZ Forums. This forum used to be a great help and now it just serves for free advertising.
gary364 [Avatar]
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Hi Phil
I completely agree with you.

Gary S Gary
Dafydd B [Avatar]
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I'm unable to stop the spammers and that is for CyberLink Admin to deal with. There were only 4 initial spammers now a multiplicity of entrants/routes and identifiable spammers pervade the DZ forum. The Admin appears reluctant/unable to intervene to curtail these individuals who have zero profiles.

This forum is NOT intended to be a software problem site, only a place to discuss DZ issues. The CL forum is the main site and the location for questions and queries. I will direct all non-DZ issues to the CL forum and close threads. Any thread that is to do with a DZ issue or creative question will remain.

There are a number of moderators and administrators of these forums.

From the lack of DZ directed topics, these forums do not justify their existence (my opinion).


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Dafydd B [Avatar]
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Hi, The correct forum for enquiries related to programs is the main CyberLink forum and not here. The forum here, as the headings state are for DirectorZone related enquiries only.
Using DirectorZone
'How Do I' Questions
Use this forum to ask questions about how to do things on DirectorZone.

Please use the main forum to answer questions and to pose questions.
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Thank you for posting on the DZ forum.

For your issue please post on the main CyberLink Forums where there are facilities for attaching files (we need) and many more knowledgeable editors willing to assist you.

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