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Using Power Director 12 to make a video I took look better.
Hotshot [Avatar]
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Hello all,

I would like to know if this is possible and how...

So, if I have a video I took using my HD camera and I want to edit its quality, make it look better like I can with pictures using Power Director do I do this?
I know how to import the video into the editing area of power director and place it on the time line. But, if I want to make this video look better before adding things to it like pictures and fades do I do this?

You make it brighter...maybe lighter...sharper...such fixes on a video taken.

Thank you!!!
Neil.F.1955 [Avatar]
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Hi, Hotshot!. There is a facility that can sharpen up any video clip you've made. You'll find the facility at lefty of the timeline and the options appear when you add a clip to the timeline. The icons appear below a Top Hat icon, the first, and likely the one you're most interested in, appears like an eraser, this will enhance brightness, colour, contrast and reduce background video "noise"(grainy or scratchy areas. though there'd be no need for the latter effect in a clip shot by yourself, there'd be no noise or grainy effect.)
The next icon appears as a pair of scissors, simply cuts unedited clips to shorter versions. This is one you can do without as it would likely cut out what you might want to keep in. Always better to do your own editing as you know what you want to keep or discard.
The third icon is a hand, this icon represents the facility to stabilise shaky images, also fixes blurry still photos and removes "red-eye".
The fourth icon is the magic wand which automatically edits your clips, adds transition effects and music for a final product. Again this is one that tends to "take the work off your hands", so-to-speak. Again, if you want to exert control over your project, best give this one a miss.
The final icon is a fancy "S". This adds background music from a resident library of varying styles, which can be adjusted to match the length of your clip. This is useful if you want a nondescript music item in the background to your clip(you can also add your own stored music into your clips if you're not impressed by the content of the Magic Music facility). This fairly sums up what can be done to "spruce up" your video clip. Hope it has been of some help.
Neil.F.1955 [Avatar]
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"You'll find the facility at lefty of the timeline" Oh dear! Keyboard gremlins strike gain! When you're simply responding to a question or typing a new post, it can be bloody annoying when the finger accidentally strikes the key immediately to the left, right, above or below the one you actually wanted to hit, and sometimes makes a mess of what you're trying to say. Anyone else had this problem? And, just sometimes you hit the key and it doesn't register? By the way, Hotshot, did you try the facility I explained in my original reply. Did it work okay for you?

P.S. No sooner had I finished writing this than those gremlins struck again! Where I typed the word "again" in the sentence above, the 'a' failed to register! Maddening, ain't it?

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