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Freeing up space on Target Folder
erin1939 [Avatar]
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When I attempted to burn a disc I received the message: 'The Target Folder does not have enough free space. You must free up enough space before continuing'.
My question: When previously quering 'Target Folder' I was advised to 'Save As Target' and 'designate folder to download to', but where do I find Target in order to free up space. Do I need to be in PowerDirector before I can do this. I need to burn a disc so need more space before I can do so. When using PowerDirector 11 in Australia can I create a disc in NTSC? I cannot see anywhere else to write a message so I have put it here.
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My thought would be that the target folder (Disc) is not large enough to hold the project you want to burn. DVDs/Blurays/CDs don't necessarily hold what the capacity says they should hold. You may want to break your video into separate parts and export to multiple Discs.

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