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moving to PD9 from PD8
LeeM [Avatar]
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i have the new power director 9 disks. i have several projects created and saved under PD8.

how do i make the change up to PD9? simply insert the disk and load it as if PD8 is not there?

or is there some unique series of steps that need to be taken?
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If there is an uninstall option on the PD8 disc I would use it to remove PD8 first. If that option is not available I would remove PD8 through Control Panel/ Add/Remove programs. Then install PD9. Just make sure the projects you want to open in the new PD9, are saved to something like "My Videos", before uninstalling PD8. You don't want any project files to be in the PD8 folder when you remove PD8.

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Good advice Elwood.

Projects from PD8 (by default) are kept in Documents, so they won't be uninstalled. Custom PiP Objects, menus & titles will be kept too.

All your PD8 projects will open in PD9.

(I think) When you insert the installer discs, it will detect that there is a previous version installed & ask you to remove it anyway. That's built into the installer.

Cheers - Tony
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LeeM [Avatar]
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thank you, elwood and tony. your steps worked perfectly (as they should). i know this is common sense to experienced users but i am the original low tech neanderthal and have learned, perhaps, not to continue to blunder off on my own, "oh that's easy" direction as i used to.

thanks again.
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