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ACTIVATE for new features
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Bob [Avatar]
Member Private Message Location: Canada Joined: Jun 12, 2008 21:50 Messages: 53 Offline
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On the preferences page of my PP5, the Activation button is there.
The UPGRADE button is greyed out.
I've entered the activation key on a few occasions, and it tells me I have new features...but I see nothing.
Anyone know why it is like so?
I would expect the activate key to be greyed out after the first time of entering the activation key.

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Dado [Avatar]
Member Private Message Joined: Jul 17, 2006 23:45 Messages: 128 Offline
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If your product version is not deluxe, you can purchase a deluxe activation key to enable features which only deluxe version has.
Martin [Avatar]
Newbie Private Message Joined: Oct 01, 2008 16:21 Messages: 6 Offline
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I have the same issue with Power Producer 5 Ultra upgrade which I downloaded after I purchased. First it will not register as it returns a message saying that I am not connected to the Internet even though I am and then the Activate takes the key with no error yet the Activate button remains and it still is only a partially usable program. Note: Power Director 7 Ultra upgrade worked fine on the same machine. What could be the problem? Martin
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