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Moving text on MENU page issues
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Bob [Avatar]
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I'm running: V5.0.1.0425 ULTRA

I noticed something last night when I was going through the process of trying to figure out what will burn and what will play in my DVD player.

I found that if I moved the MENU page text, then I could select them in the burnt version!

The first time I noticed this was when I moved PLAY & SCENES to the right so the movie thunbnail can be seen playing.
But in the burnt version, I could not choose SCENCES.

Same issue cam up when I moved any text on any menu page.
If I move the chapter titles to the right, I only had access to the first chapter.

I burnt the exact same but left all titles-text where cyberlink places them.
And the disc worked 100% as expect.
All my short films, chapters and Slide Show worked... finally.
This is the first burn that actually worked since I got this software about 3 weeks ago.

See photo attached... this will explain exactly what I did.

[Thumb - cyberlink problem6a.JPG]
cyberlink problem6a.JPG
49 Kbytes
167 time(s)

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Bob [Avatar]
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I'm not sure what the problem is, but I had to shrink the attached image down to 49K from 179K.
When I try and attached the 179K, the web page just goes to La La land.

Are you surprised this doesn't work either?.......I'm not!

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McLean1 [Avatar]
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Hey Bob this is probably a moot point, at this stage, but I thought I would address this within the forum.

I have burned a project in PP5 v5.00.0314 ULTRA (obviously a little older version than yours) and didn't have a problem moving the text.

I had a similar problem to yours in PD7 and noticed that my problem stemmed from the template I was using (my own) versus one that I chose from the options Cyberlink gave me. We are looking into this BUT just thought I would put this information in here.

I can't remember what other tests you did, but I wonder if you did try another one of the templates and moved the text and whether it burned?

Just an FYI anyway for anyone else reading this.
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