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Menu control issue on DVD player
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Bob [Avatar]
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I finally got around to burning my movie. I have one small error I would really like fixed!
I can only select the first movie or the HOME button in the MENU page when viewing the disk in my DVD player??

In short..
I put the disc in the player...Everything starts up as normal.
First menu page appears and I can see "PLAY" & "SCENES", and I can select either one.
Then I choose "SCENES".
Now I'm seeing the 2 videos & slideshow I imported back in PP5.0.
Here I can only select the first video, or the HOME button.
(The disc will play all 3 items through, when I play the first video)
It won't let me choose movie #2 or the slideshow.
What do I need to do so I can select the other video or slideshow??


Note: I'm using PP5.0, and the menu/template is the default one known as "Stargazer"

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