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Design Own DVD Menu Template
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Nykki [Avatar]
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I am in the trial version of PowerProducer at the moment. As I like a lot of the templates you can download from DirectorZone, certain things you cannot change, like I wanted a simple menu that I could add a picture too. It was black, but the designer put "Dave's Memories" or something and you can't change that! How do these people create the DVD menu's? I have searched everywhere and I just get sights that are other DVD burning software sites. I would like to design some on my own, but have no idea where to look. Can ANYONE help? I read that some used Adobe Photoshop, but I would like something simple. Even a program to download. Thanx!!
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Hello Nykki,

Welcome to the PowerProducer forum!

Regarding menus, I gave some poor advice here PowerProducer has no option to create a new menu. Existing templates need to be modified.

As templates are modified they are automatically saved & appear in the menu library.

Please find attached a PDF file, outlining (with screenshots) the steps in modifying an existing template. I'll also post this summary at the top of the forum under Image Guides.

There is also a video tutorial on this at

Customising Menus in PowerProducer.pdf
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jacksonace [Avatar]
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Hi Nykki, were you able to create a template already? I was looking for some references.
pedro [Avatar]
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