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100GB on C:\ Fact of Fiction?
Senior Contributor Location: N.S.W. Australia Joined: May 08, 2009 02:06 Messages: 9977 Offline
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The ongoing toing & froing of "countering" statements in this thread surely adds weight & verisimilitude to Jeff's thread title.

Not being terribly savvy about such matters, I tend to believe what's before me - especially when it's presented by CL as a requirement. To me, Jeff's testing simply showed that it's NOT a requirement. It is probably advisable. It could be reommended... but it is clearly NOT a requirement.

Conjecture, Fred? Conjecture? I didn't see any incomplete information or speculation in Jeff's objective testing or reporting of same.

In any case, I personally value all the input in this thread. I even understand some of it!!!

Cheers - Tony
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JL_JL [Avatar]
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Quote: Jeff,

Did you do anything to redirect %TEMP% to another drive, or did you just let the chips fall where they may? I didn't quite catch that, especially since PD seems to have a perfectly good error message.

Jerry, I did nothing to redirect any system files, I only had one drive installed when the system was loaded (25GB), %TEMP% and %TMP% are both at C:\Users\Jeff\AppData\Local\Temp

Quote: Not being terribly savvy about such matters, I tend to believe what's before me - especially when it's presented by CL as a requirement. To me, Jeff's testing simply showed that it's NOT a requirement. It is probably advisable. It could be reommended... but it is clearly NOT a requirement.

Tony, just so I'm clear, having space somewhere is a requirement if you want to use Produce and/or Create Disc to create large files, folders or burn a disc, it just does not have to be on C:\ (system drive). I have found nothing from CL that states the 100GB needs to be on C:\. This simple test showed it can be on any internal drive you desire. For me it was on a secondary internal drive as the dxdiag I posted shows.


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Hello Members,

I’ve really been resisting chiming into this thread, as I try to only enter into things here, when questions are posted about editing issues that I have actual hands on experience in dealing with, or have perhaps developed a few workarounds to overcome.

But references have been made to the “average user”, in this thread. So perhaps the membership will allow an “average user” to share what’s always been puzzling and on his mind, when reading this oft proffered 100GB eleventh commandment.

CL’s PD homepage for System Requirements, does recommend 100GB of free space for “burning” BluRays. But that’s all that the 100GB recommendation there addresses. Burning BluRays
And since this now almost year long campaign, where DxDiags requests are routuinely followed by… You don’t, as CL requires, have 100GB of free space on your C dive, has become the fashionable reply to everything from… My newly installed PD won’t open and the splash screen just sits there and rotates forever. To… My media looks fuzzy when dragged to the timeline. To… My yellow color board isn’t yellow enough, became the second most popularly repeated reply next to the Turn off your Hardware Acceleration reply here on the forum. I, an above mentioned “average user”, always speculated that this “le plus populaire” reply, was more of a mis-interpretation of the 100GB for “BluRay burning” requirement, which had now morphed it’s way into also being an absolute must and requirement, even for simple editing/producing of any type media in PD10.
I’ve even seen the 100GB advice given to newbies, who were only working with one track of SD 720x480 footage, or still image slideshows.

I am not tech savvy enough to backup or prove anything. But I never ever really bought into the… You must have 100GB of free space on C, to basically do “anything” in PD. This, the now re-re-re-repeated ofering by members who've seen it written by other members, who’s authoritative demeanor and manners, must surely make the info correct.

Jeff’s (JL_JL) real word testing results are persuasive. And his willingness to share these results is generous. As his willingness to debate, in a gentlemanly manner, the merits of his results, is… admirable.
Which, in contrast to the familiar announcements of one’s intent to yet again suspend participation in yet another particular thread, feigning interest it’s ultimate conclusion, is… telling.

Still, this is an open forum, and varied opinions and the occasional spirited debate is inevitable. Which can on occasion, be healthy, and ultimately productive, to the benefit of the whole membership.

And finally, regards Jeff’s quote, in response to the point that members should be wary of the “Works For Me” proclamations (presumably made by those who’s rigs may not be deemed to be up to snuff),
Jeff wrote:
…everyone is entitled to their experience and/or opinion. However, the "WORKS FOR ME" is often the experience claimed for "needing" the 100GB on C:\ so it works both ways.

Spot on.

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Here is another twist to add to the confusion !

I have 5 operating systems running on 4 discs. "2 win 7 64s, Win Vista 64, Win 8 Preview 64, Ubuntu 64, and XP 32, so I have a C:,D:,E:,F: and G: drives.

PD10 is on Win7 G: drive, so the statement that C: needs X amount of space makes no sense in this case,and instead what I think CL means is that one needs X amount of space on the drive PD10 is installed on. Maybe I'm wrong....gulp ! Intel Core i7 3770K 3.6 Ghz,
GTX 680, 2 X Benq23 3D monitors,
6G DDR3, Win 7 64, Win 10 (Insider) 64
PCIE SSD, Intel Sata SSD 2 500 Gbyte Seagate,
Minoru 3D WebCam, NVIDIA 3D Vision-Ready
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