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First after opening the project change to 16x9, then click with the right mouse button on a video in the timeline to select, Set Clip Attributes / Set Aspect Ratio, check the box, De aspect ratio of the video is 16x9, check the box Apply to all videos / OK
Last PD had more options, size x DVD quality, still has, if chosen Regular display (4x3)
Cyberlink has application "Power2Go" specific to create DVD, I do not know
1 I think, PD does not do exactly what you want.

2 PD maintain the proportion of the PNG image.

If necessary you can in Pip Designer uncheck the box, Maintain aspect ratio, so you can adjust by acting directly on the preview or the Scale controls.

Note: make direct replace in the timeline, the added image must have the same current ratio.
I in your case, try option.
Import Media Files.
Types, select All Media Files.
Control + A on the files
(On the keyboard, it selects all).
Neil.F.1955 wrote: Hi,

Lately I've taken to use H.264 AVC(MP4) to render sequences for a video I'm putting together. I figure MP4 to be a lossless file type(meaning I don't expect it to degrade after a couple of renderings). The camera I currently use is a Canon Legria HF R506, which shoots video in either AVCHD or MP4(selectable between either), so I've selected MP4. When I import the clips to my computer for editing, those clips show up in my "media library" with shadow files still generating(corner pip going from yellow to green). My problem is not with the shadow files, in fact, I find I can pull the clip onto my timeline and trim it down as needed even while the shadow file is still generating.

Shadow files are temporary, stored in hidden folder.

They are deleted automatically after 30 days or manually in PD configurations.

For the best quality Produce use Intelligent SVRT if possible.
bonagege wrote: I have a Dell PC with these features

I'd like to know what is to enable shadow file.

I use file in capture .MTS MPEG-4 AVC / H.264

Allow shadow file, it converts the files for HD or FullHD in MPEG2 (SD 720x480) this to make editing but light on the timeline.

By adding HD files or higher in PD, starts immediately reveal the conversion.

There is a specific folder for this hidden shadow files.
Editing HD 60P .MOV files.It was very heavy (slow) editing on the timeline.

Activated shadow files, improved more still very heavy.

Then I copy the shadow files, and edited from them, got better, like when I edit files MPEG2 (SD 720x480) which is standard I think.

PD renames shadow files, in my case had many files, used this sofware ReNamer to leave the name the same as the original files, PD worked well.

Renamed the folder MEPG2 files.

Reopened project, to redirect PD folder with the original file to produce output in HD or DVD using a personal profile, works well for me.

(Signature PC)

(For shadow copy files must activate show files / folders hidden and system, Windows)

It would be good PD works with shadow files without all this maneuver.
darcy13 wrote: Hello,

Over the years I have installed PD 8 9 11 and now 14. During the period I downloaded a number of Titles into the above programmes. Could someone please advise as to HOW I can import and get previous,downled Title into PD14?


If you have installed on the same PC PD14, PD must add all personal and download effects in the library.

Native Effects of PD is added when you install, CyberLink_PowerDirector14_ContentPack_Essential and Premium

See s
Another option, see the screenshot.

Check, volume per track for less than 50.

Here, reopen projeto, volume per track moves to zero, for this case.
wickey27 wrote: Hi i'm new to editing and new to PowerDirector.

I was Just wondering if its possible to make your video look like this: with powerdirector. To add the background like that. Or do you need another type of software in order to do that?


An easy way to make the displayed video.

1 - Add a background image on track 1.

2 - Add the video in track 2, if you want to add black border to the video.

3 - Add text, track Titles
Luthientinuviel wrote:

I do not know if it has to do with your case.

Here several times I delete a file in the timeline and he insists on staying there.

The solution for me is to save and reopen the project, decides in most cases.

Another option back (Undo) to where the project was normal.

Open the (auto save) project, which was saved before presenting the problem.
In my opinion, you can delete all the original files (if necessary, to free hard drive space).

Open the main project from the folder (package) to make sure everything is present.

Project files (parts) I copied into the folder (package) if you need to go back to one, could open that way since the original files are there, just need to redirect them to open the project (part)
Hi Ronk, ynotfish showed very well how to do.

I use add fade only in track 2.

It works well for me.
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