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HD Video input is choppy every 5 to 10 seconds
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Hey guys,

I just purchased Cyberlink Powerdirector 8. when I try to capture/input my video from my Canon HV20. It seems that every 10 seconds to 20 second the video will stutters. I want the video to be input smoothly not choppy every 10 seconds.

When I use Windows Movies maker, it works perfectly fine. The video came out smooth and no stuttering at all.

How come this program have it?

Any help.

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Try these steps
1) Delete all temp files
2) Run a disk cleanup
3) De-frag your drive
4) Close all other applications except PD8
5) Disable antivirus
6) Launch PD8
7) Go to task manager CTRL+ALT+DEL
8 ) Go to processes
9) Trace PDR8.exe*32
10) Right click PDR82exe*32 file
11) Go to set priority
12) Right click and set the priority to high or highest in Windows 7 you have these options (Low/Below normal/Normal/Above normal/High/Real time)

In the above series of steps your problem may get solved at any of these steps, combination or all of above. By the way what OS are you running ?.
Information on your hardware specs would be helpful for us to help you better.

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PC specs :
OS Windows 10.0 Pro
MB - AS rock Z77 extreme 11
Intel 3770K @ 4.0 Ghz OC
Gskill 32 GB RAM 1800 Mhz
6 TB HDD, SSD bootable
nVidia ASUS GTX 660 Ti
BenQ 22" LCD monitor 1920x1080

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My Solution: I use Windows XP and a mini DV (tape) Canon HV40 camcorder that is set to record and output in 1080 high def. My jerky or choppy captures were driving me crazy. What is happening is that frames are being dropped during capture. Its my conclusion that my PC needed to devote its full attention to the capture process due to the huge amount of data being moved to the hard drive. When I stopped my Antivirus. Malware protection, and Registry Monitors, it made a world of difference.

And I don't mean stopping scans during the capture, I mean disabling or shutting down the whole application for the capture time period. I also stopped a few iTunes apps just in case they tried to access the Internet. Finding the applications that automatically use CPU time or access your hard drive in a background is the key. I have a 2.4GH duo core Intel with plenty of free hard drive and Ram Memory, so I don't think my PC is underpowered.

I might also add that if I set the HV40 to output in std DVD 720 and used something like WIndows Movie Maker, I had no problems with capture while the antivirus was still enabled. Maybe lucky, but my hunch is that its due to handling a much smaller amount of data.
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