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edson alexandre
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Good morning you all. I'm interested to buy the Power Producer product, however I have a couple of questions not answered in your site nor in the product manual.


I have so far a personal collection of 161 music video clips (image + sound) and want to record and author all of them using a 8.5GB recordable DVD midia. All files together do not exceed 7Gb so they fit in the midia. The videos are sorted by alfabethical artist names. So, in my mind, to fast find a title (without navigating thru all the menu pages) I would like to cascade menus in order to have a root menu showing artist name first INITIALS, e.g.: A, B, C, D, etc...

By clicking, for instance, on the letter "J", the system would directly open a sub-menu including all songs from artists with the initial "J", like James Brown, Joe Coker, Julio Iglesias, etc. By selecting desired artist the music video clip would play. So I intend to navigate to any song with no more than 2 clicks... 3 at the most.

My desktop runs licensed Windows 10 Home, Version 1607, Processor I7, 2.93GHz, Build 14393-1593.

In order to make my decision to buy Power Producer, I need to know:


  1. What is the maximum quantity of videos Power Producer can handle at once? Some softwares do not accept quantity over 30 movies, others do not accept 99, and so on.

  2. Does Power Producer allow to cascade menus as I mentioned above?

  3. What is the maximum quantity of buttons I can have per menu/submenu screen? Templates I've seen so far show no more than 6 buttons per menu page.

  4. Power Producer would allow to create 10-20 lines list menu per page? I really do not care for artistic menus with a lot of features... just need simple, fast and efficient menu.

  5. If Power Producer is able to fulfill my requirements, then I need to know how to get it done. As far as I read the Power Producer Manual does not say a word about it. Can you please guide me thru?

Thank you very much for your assistance. I would really appreciate your reply to my email
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