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Black screen during playback with PowerDVD 14 (Ultra)
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This afternoon I've upgraded my PowerDVD 12, after this update the blu-ray (which played perfectly before) showed me a black screen (after testing: it did the same with DVD playback. With this playback he showed only the DVD menu). When this black screen shows up, my whole computer looks locked, any combinations of keys won't give any response and I need to reboot my computer.
Because my PowerDVD was a litte outdated I upgraded to PowerDVD 14 (not keeping my settings of PowerDVD 12), hoping it will solve my problems.
Unfortunately I'm still getting this black screen (and the other issues mentioned). After googling around I coudn't find a solution.

For your information: I'm using one monitor only on a Radeon 6570 connected through HDMI and the drivers are up to date. My OS is Windows 8.1.

My daughter is really dissapointed because her 'Belle and the beast' won't play anymore. Can someone help me out here?
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There seems to be an issue with 13 and 14 regarding HDCCP. I have 12 and it plays everything as it should and always has but you’ll see a few post about 14 crashing or giving a black screen when trying to start a Blu-Ray. On my LCD computer screen I get a black screen with audio but with only the TV connected most movies play as they should but there are a few that simple cause 14 to go back to the main screen and not being able to try any others after that.

Again, PowerDVD 12 on the same PC plays all movies as it should.

I have an AMD 290 video card and Windows 7.
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I also have this problem and I see nobody is taking care to reply to our problem.

Can we have any help PLEASE

Screen goes occasionally blank/black during playback (sometimes 2-3 times in one minute, and sometimes one time in 2 minutes etc.)

and audio is still playing

could it be because of some kind of ffmpeg codec? I know this codec can cause this problem but I don't know if its installed or how to disable it

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Yeah I get this all the time too.

It is REALLY annoying!

It has nothing to do with the actual DVD as far as I can tell, it happens whenever Power DVD is running,

FOr example it happenned so many times while watching the bluray I am currently half way through watching , that I paused it and looked up this topic.

WHile I have been typing this post the screen has gone black about 20 times!

Starngely I never saw this a year ago... could it be built in obsolelscence?

I have never seen this black screen issue unless Power DVD is running.

I would really like to see this fixed before I ever dream of updating.

Hmmm , let me think.yell

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