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I'm happy that I finally figured out how to burn my movie.
After numerous tests I finally figured out my burning error.
Simply put, you can only have so many chapters and/or thumbnails(Videos) in total. And even though you can only fill so much of the disk without over flowing into Cyberlinks needed space, my issues were not disk size related.
For ex. I opened producer, and imported 1 video that only 60K in size.
I gave this video 9 chapters. FAIL.
Then I backed down to 6 chapters...PASS.
I started all over and imported 1 video that was 1.63Gig, and then gave it 6 chapters. PASS.
But when I tried to give this 1.63Gig video 7 chapters, it failed.

And I've noticed that the amount of menu/chapters...etc/etc...
Are also based on which template you use.

Rlated to:
The size of the menu exceeds the permissible limit of 1GB


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Hi Bob,

I have to disagree with your findings, as a reviewer for SoftDeko UK I tested PP5 and my results were completely different.

For my test I used 7 scenes and created 24 chapters each with thumbnails, the total size of the project being 2.5 GB.

PP5 created and burnt the DVD in 25 mins, without any issues and it played back correctly on TV and the computer.


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Joined: 12/06/2008 18:50:53
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You must have a special version of PP5.
If I use any of the default menu templates that come with PP5, I can not create more than 6 chapters. And that's at one scene.
If I add another scene, I need to back off the amount of chapters.

This is the only issue I have with PP5......currently.
The amount of chapters and scenes combined are limited.

The very first project I made was 1 scene with 9 chapters. less than 2 Gig.
It would not let me go to the burn stage.
It said...
"The size of the menu exceeds the permissible limit of 1GB"

When I contacted Cyberlink about this issue, the response was....
"Please reduce the numbers of title and chapters."

I decreased the amount of chapters 1 by 1, and when I reached 6 chapters the burn process would begin.

So if you do have a special version.......please share

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Some info....

Thank you for contacting CyberLink Online Support.

We understand your concern related with PowerProducer 5.0.

(1) Please note that every added chapter will add 10mb more to the existing video size.

(2) The amount of chapters limited for each DVD depends on the length of the video file and how many titles (video files) imported.

Accordingly, it is difficult to define the exact chapter numbers allowed for each burned DVD.
Jim May


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I too was getting the "size of the menu exceeds the permissible limit of 1g" error message.

I was using an old version of PP3 that came with the camera, thought I'd finaly upgrade, now I can't do any of the work I used to do. I do football clips, so multiple small clips, lots of chapters, I never had a problem with the old PP3 LE version, but the new PP5 has wasted 5 days of my life.

I read to disable the thumbnail video, that didn't help.

I was thinking what I added to my menu that would drive it over 1GB, so I checked my menu graphics, the .jpgs are less than 50k, so not them.

Then I checked my menu music file, if a 5MB .wmv, the old version would just allow you to assign one song for the entire disc, so it would appear it would only store one copy to the disc. The new version appears to allow you save a differnt song for each menu, so when I added enough clips to force PP5 to make a new menu, it also appears to have attached another 5MB mucis file to the menu data, it appears to not reuse the music data like the old version.

So I went into the Menu option and went thru each chapter (subfolders of my menu) and hit the - minus button and erased the music for all the submenus, I only left it on for the main menu, and all worked fine. I even went back and enable the thumbnail video option and all still worked.

So I'd recommend you try turning all the music off of the submenus, don't forget to go thru every menu screen and erase them.

I think they need a patch to ensure the music data is getting reused like the old PP3 and not saving 50-100 copies to the menu data and causing failures. Maybe add an option to only use one song in the setup, just like the old version defaulted to only let you use one song.

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