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CyberLink Buyer Advice – Counterfeit and Pirated Software
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CyberLink Buyer Advice – Counterfeit and Pirated Software

An unfortunate side effect of creating popular products is the emergence of unscrupulous parties seeking to capitalize on this popularity by peddling counterfeit items.

Counterfeiting not only impacts the consumer, who is left with an inferior, malware-infected, or in many cases, non-functioning product, but also the company by adversely affecting their reputation and goodwill when customers who have purchased pirated products unknowingly, turn to them for help. Unfortunately, in such cases, there is often nothing the company can do to help the consumer to recoup their loss.

CyberLink is aware of several consumers who have unknowingly purchased counterfeit versions of popular CyberLink software after buying from third parties through marketplace avenues or classified ads on well-known auction sites. Only after they had purchased the software did they realize that the serial key they received, which is required for activation, was invalid.
CyberLink advises all customers searching for CyberLink software to consider the following tips before purchasing:

• Ensure the reseller has a well documented history of selling CyberLink software and a clearly defined return/refund policy.
• Be particularly vigilant when purchasing from popular auction sites like eBay, where the vast majority of counterfeit software is distributed.
• Check the Store to review the current pricing for the item you intend to buy. If the price being offered elsewhere seems “too good to be true”, it probably is.

Please report any suspected counterfeiting of CyberLink software instances to us. We will do our utmost to trace the parties responsible and prevent further infringement.
If you have any questions regarding pirated software or are unsure of whether a reseller has been authorized by CyberLink, please contact us .

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