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=> MUST HAVE READ before posting to PowerDVD 12 Forum <=
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Hello and welcome to the CyberLink PowerDVD 12 Forum

This Forum is no official support forum and technical support team will not reply to your postings. Please contact the technical support for official support. This forum is intended for user-to-user help.

Please be politely and use a propper language without insulting - in case your posting does not match the rules your posting may be edited/blocked/deleted. In addition you may be banned from this forum.

Before you post a question, you are advised to do a search on this forum. Your question may have been discussed already. You may also find your question answered in the FAQ or User Guide.
Please do not send your question to other members via the private message feature. Post your question on the forum.

Please also check the PowerDVD 12 FAQ we prepared.

Please check the known and confirmed issues in advance to check if your issue has been reported before:
List of known issues

It is recommended to have installed all the latest Windows/Microsoft updates!

It is mandatory to have installed latest Windows Media Player

Please make sure to have installed the latest PowerDVD 12 Patch an check your problem again:
Latest PowerDVD patch

If you need technical support please contact the CyberLink Customer Support
You must log-in to the member's area to use the Technical support

In order to make sure others can help you in the best way please make sure to provide as much info about your problem as possible.

If you encounter a problem in PowerDVD please help to collect these information and post it in your thread:

PowerDVD full Version
PowerDVD Trial Verison?
PowerDVD SR Number (when click on "CyberLink in left top - SR NUMBER IS NOT THE CD-KEY!!)
PowerDVD TR Number (if shown)
Operating System (including x86 or x64 Bit Version)
Do you use administrator or restricted user account?
Is your PowerDVD a Retail product or bundles with HW?
Used VGA
Used VGA driver version
Used Audio device
Used Audio device driver version
The Audio setting in PowerDVD and in OS (default devices)
Used ODD drive (full model name and Firmware Version)
Used Display(s)
Which kind of display connection (HDMI/DisplayPort/VGA/DVI)
Whcih Display refresh rate do you use while Playback (24/25/50/60/120/...)
Are you using single or dual monitor environment
Are you using clone or extended mode (if use two display)
(3D only) Please provide detail info about 3D setting in PowerDVD
What kind of Antivirus SW are you using
Which Internet Browser Software is installed
Do you use virtual ODD (e.g Daemon Tools)
Did you try with AERO on/off (especially on low end VGA)
The detailed issue description

Please also add your DXDIAG log to the post (as attachement)

to create the DXDIAG:
Start =>
In the Search/Program field type "DXDIAG" and press the [Enter]
save to File and upload the file as attachement

In case you have 3D related questions or problems - please check tese links as well:
Infos about 3D compatible devices and useful links

Please always add the BD-3D Advisor log to the post (as attachement)

If you need technical support please contact our Technical Support Team:
CyberLink technical support team


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Hi PowerDVD 12 Users,

in rare cases it can happen that you fail to install PowerDVD 12 or face other issue while installing.

CyberLink PowerDVD FAQ - uninstaller

In such cases please use the PowerDVD 12 cleaner software attached to this thread:

How-To use the cleaner:

- download the file
- save it to the desktop
- unpack the ZIP
- run the "CLCleaner_PDVD12.exe"

PowerDVD 12 Cleaner

after this procedure you should be able to install PDVD 12

In case you have Problem with Upgrade installation and previous Version can not uninstall please check:

PowerDVD 7 Cleaner
PowerDVD 8 Cleaner
PowerDVD 9 Cleaner
PowerDVD 10 Cleaner
PowerDVD 11 Cleaner

PowerDVD 12 Registry Cleaner to fix install issues
282 Kbytes
3215 time(s)

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in case you encounter GP issue or so called "crash" please help to provide the event log to our Support team

How to provide the Event Log from Windows eventviewer


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